Influenster Paradise VoxBox

ImageHey everyone, sorry for the lack of post I am still trying to get the hang of blog and stuff. Today post is about my influenster voxbox, now if you do not know what Influenster is and how the Voxbox works I will explain. Influenster is a website that send its members goodies for the purpose of reviews, these products that you will test out are either very much new or have not hit the shelves yet which is really awesome because as buyers you get a chance to try a product before buying with out even knowing if you would like it. YOU do not get a voxbox right away you have to earn badges and do many quest in order to qualify for the month voxbox, with that being said you are not going to receive a box every month. The products in the box can be sample to full size products. So if you haven’t guess that what I am doing today giving you my first impression of the products and then after 4 weeks my thoughts and if I will actually buy the products myself.

Image  This is all the goodies i received in this month box. Each box comes with a card that explains each product and how much they retail for.


  • Suave Professionals® Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil- $5.98

      I was really excited about this product because I have really curly hair but I always blow dry or flat iron my hair after a wash. I try to stay away from anything that will harm my hair when it comes down to styling it , i have used many different types of styling oil to help keep my hair in place and many have not pleased me, so i am hoping that this one will because it does promise to be a “light formula that will condition without weighing hair down, smoothing the cuticle for long lasting, silky shine.” Lets hope that using for a period of time that the product will do as promise. But my first thought on the product is that it has a really good scent to it , I do not know how to describe the scent but TRUST me it smells good. It has a pump which is good because you won’t use more then needed it feels pretty thick for an oil but really soft once blended in.


Goody TangleFix- $7.99-$8.99

This is a detangling  brush and promises to be 70% more gentle when unknotting the knots in your hair. The brush it self fits well into the palm of you hand and has good grips around it. My first impression of the goody brush is that the size of the brush is good , the bristles of the brush are firm.



NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust Eye Shadow in Smokey Topaz- $2.99

When I saw this product I Thought it was a lip gloss due to the packaging. The shadow is a brownish/purplish shade it does have shimmer in it and is very pigmented and blend able. The only that I do not like is that the product does not seem like it will last all day if applied without a primer I applied it on my hand and swiped it like I do most pigments/shadow an all it did was fade away leaving only the shimmers around, also the product is very messy so if you got this box or thinking about purchasing this shadow know to open over a napkin or something and keep away from carpets.


Olay Fresh Effects {Shine, Shine Go Away!} Shine Minimizing cleanser- $6.99

I have very oily skin so seeing this product made me really happy. The product has a really good scent to it sort of a fruity floral scent, The color is a sliver shade. This cleanser promises to remove 2x the dirt, oil, make up then your basic cleanser. The cleanser that I have been using is from Clean & Clear it’s my favorite cleanser because it does not break me out and really cleans my skin so for the next four week I am going to use this one and compare the two.


Dr Scholl’s®For her High Heel Insoless- $10.99

I do not know how to walk in high heel at all, I Know I know your 17 and have never walked in high heels  it true i haven’t but I am practicing because I am a senior in High School which means prom is only 10 months away so these will help so much when it comes down to trying to master the heel. 

Well that its guys everything that I got in my VoxBox I am really excited to give these products a go and come back in 4 weeks for my well thought out review , Hope your having a good day and if you are staring school or are about to start school i wish you guys good luck because I know that we all want these 10 months to go by fast so we can be back to summer vacation time. Let me know if you ever got a VOXBOX and what was your favorite thing from the box . 

* I received these products complimentary for testing purpose from influenster.*





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